Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Easy Ways to Add Links to Your Books in iBooks

Want to sell more books in the iBooks Store? Apple has three tools available to make it easier to showcase your book on your blog or website. Each of them is easy to use and builds a widget or banner ad that you can place on your website.

The first is the Apple iTunes Widget Builder.

The Widget Builder makes it easy to add a link to your book. Just click in the drop down box where it says select a widget to build. Choose the type of media you want to feature in your widget. Type in your name, or the name of your book and click search. Select the book you want to feature in the widget. After you do this, you can select the background colors for your widget and the size. To place the widget on your site, highlight the HTML code the widget maker generates and paste it into your website or blog.

Here is an example of an ad generated with the iTunes Widget Builder.

iTunes also offers a powerful Banner Builder to help you create unique advertisements for your books.

Again the tool is simple to use. Type your name or book title into where it says Search Term. Select the country your book is published in and the media type, and click on search. This will generate a list of your books that are published in the iStore. Choose the banner size you would like from the drop-down menu. You can also choose from a white or black background. What's really nice is Apple generates a sample blog and shows exactly what your ad will look like on it. After you've chosen the correct banner highlight the HTML code and paste it into your website.

Here is an example of a 250 x 350 banner generated with the banner builder.

Here is an example of the same banner as a 320 x 50 advertisement.

You can also use the Link Maker to create links to your books in the iBooks Store.

The Link Maker Works exactly like the Banner Maker. Enter your name or book title in the search box, select the media type from the drop-down box, and click on search. The Link Maker will show a list of your books so you can select the one you would like to build a link to. After you do this, you are shown a direct link to your book that you can copy and paste where you would like to put it, or you have the option to build several other types of links. The choices are a small button, large button, and text only. Select the one you would like, and it generates the HTML code for that link and a small preview of the link below the code.

This is a sample of a large button link.

This is a sample of a text link.

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Pretty simple stuff once you've used it a few times. 

If you're used to just offering links to your books on Amazon, try giving iBooks a little love, too. It just might help grow your sales there.


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  2. I knew about the linkbuilder, but not the other widgets. Thanks!

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