Meet the author - Nick Vulich

Hey there Nick Vulich here.

Short easy to read solutions to your eCommerce problems. 

Most of my books can be read in under an hour. The information in them can be put to work immediately to help you sell more products on eBay and Amazon, services on Fiverr, or eBooks on Amazon and Kindle.

Selling on line isn't a mystery. It doesn't even have to be difficult.

It's really all about getting started. Many people I've talked with have this crazy fear about putting things up for sale on eBay and Amazon. They think they have to do this and do that; they worry they don't know enough about what they're doing to do it right; they wonder what they should sell; and they worry about whether they can even do it or not.

That's where my books come in.

They take you hand-in-hand and walk you through getting started selling on eBay, Amazon, and Fiverr. They show you how to market your Kindle book.

You're still going to make mistakes, and get lost now and then. But, you can always come back to the books for another nugget of advice, or a little bit of inspiration. Believe me, I've been selling online for fifteen years, and I've made just about every crazy mistake out there. I just never let any of them stop me. 

My goal is to help you over the speed bumps, so you can be more successful from the get-go.


  1. Did you author the book 'Shot all to Hell"?
    If so how long and where did you do your research?
    Was your intent to wipe away as much of the myths and present an accurate portrail, or clean up hazy work of pulp fiction authors who have muddied the waters, repeating the same oh same oh.
    I looked for a personal contact to ask you these questions but was unable to locate it. Sorry.

  2. Sorry it took so long to get back with you. I am the author of Shot All to Hell.

    I have researched western Americana for over forty years. Researching and writing the book took me roughly six months.

    My goal in writing the book was to offer a short, east to read history of the west. As with most of the book I write, I try to go back to original sources, especially old newspaper articles. They aren't always 100 percent accurate but they give a unique flavor to the subject, and explain what people were thinking at that time.

    Hope that helps,