Friday, February 21, 2014

An easy way to add video to your author repertoire

Ever checkout all of those links on Facebook and Twitter? Most of them link to some cute video of cats playing, awesomely stupid people, or short instructive videos on how to solve a pressing problem. The only problem is, shooting video takes time, money, and something else I don't have - talent.

So what's a guy like me supposed to do?

Fiverr seems to be my answer to everything these days. I had designers there create two videos for me. The first was an introduction to my book, Freaking Idiots Guide to Writing a Kindle Bestseller. I had Fiverr's premiere puppeteer, Professor Hans Von Puppet introduce my book. It was unique, funny, and the really great thing at the time was, I was able to show it on my Kindle book page. I'm sure it helped sell a lot of books. Those were the good old days. Amazon doesn't let you do that anymore unless you're a big name author. Doesn't matter. I've still got that video on my Amazon Author Central page. You can check it out there.

You can check out that video here.

I also had another Fiverr seller create a whiteboard video for me. It's got a little music, some cool graphics and a short description of several of my books, along with pictures of their covers.

You can check it out here.

The really great thing is I was able to snag some great promotional videos for under twenty-five bucks each. How can you go wrong?

Give Fiverr a try. It will help spice up your author page and writer blog or website.

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