Friday, April 25, 2014

Review of Write Successful Flash in the Pan Books by Eibhlin MacIntosh

Just finished reading Write Successful Flash in the Pan Books by Eibhlin MacIntosh.

It's an interesting concept that's been around as long as books have been published. Find a current event, trend, or fad. Rush to get a book out and ride the wave. What surprises me is that this book is well written, it details the entire concept from how to spot a hot idea, to how to research and write your book.

I don't want to throw out a ton of spoilers here, but there are a few things people are looking for when they read this type of book.

  1. Historical facts
  2. Interesting tidbits of trivia
  3. An interesting take that binds together fact and speculation
In short, if you ever took a marketing class, you're providing information for the early adapters, the guys who have to have the latest, greatest gadgets. In effect, your book needs to provide them with talking points that allow them to keep up with or add to the conversation.

I think I've got a couple ideas already. Just need to think of a cool alias, cause I don't think I want any of this crazy shit connected with my name.

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