Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Kindle Unlimited - Has it Shaken Up Your Book Sales?

About a month ago I posted a short article about how I pulled all of my eBooks off of Smashwords, Nook, iBooks, and Kobo so I could jump back into KDP. When I first heard about Kindle Unlimited, I knew I had to be in.

Last month was gooooood!

I picked up over a hundred borrows in nine days. Before that, I was at nine for the month. This month I'm at 160 borrows with twelve days to go. With a little luck, I may hit 300 borrows. Take that times the $1.81 Amazon paid out for borrows last month and that works out to almost $550. I'm figuring roughly 400 sales at about $2.00 each, which brings my total Kindle take to something like $1350 for August. Last month I received $850 in Kindle royalties. That's another $500 in my pocket thanks to Kindle Unlimited.

Not too shabby.

What was your experience with Kindle Unlimited? Did it totally change your ratio of sales to borrows? Did it boost your royalties? Or drive them into the dirt?

Let me know....

Updating this one 10/29/2014

Three months into Kindle Unlimited it's changing the face of Kindle sales.

I don't know about other authors but borrows currently makeup 40 to 45 percent of my monthly sales. The way it's going that number could easily exceed 60 percent by this time next year.

My thought is, that's good and bad. Payouts for Kindle borrows have fallen from approximately $2.11 each before Kindle Unlimited to $1.51 this last month. That's a decrease of about 60 cents per book. At the same time, the extra surge in sales during the first month or two of Kindle Unlimited has fallen off. The result, Kindle earnings are down.

Again, that's my experience. Maybe your's is different. Take a few moments to let readers know how Kindle Unlimited is working for you.

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