Friday, May 9, 2014

Amazon Book Optimization Tip #2 - Select a Killer ATitle

Select a killer title. Too many writers try to stuff a load of keywords into their title hoping they can game the system. Search engines may find bloated keyword titles enticing, but real readers are turned off by titles too big to fit on the book cover. They can’t remember them. They don’t understand them. They don’t know what to think about books that use them.

Short is better.

One to three words is the perfect length for a title. It’s easy to remember. There’s very little chance for confusion. As a result, you’re going to sell more books.
Check out the following five titles. They’re short. They’re memorable. They do a good job of revealing what the book is about. And, if I didn’t mention it, they’re selling a lot of books.

. Story $elling by Nick Nanton & J. W. Dicks
. eBay Seller Secrets by Ann Eckhart
. Declutter your Inbox by S. J. Scott
. Killing Jesus by Bill O’Reilly
. Email Marketing Blueprint by Steve Scott

Compare that to these titles.

. 7 Steps to Sales Scripts for B2B Appointment Setting by Scott Channell
. How I Make Money Every Day Automatically When Others Sell on eBay by Xavier Zimms
. Author’s Quick Guide to Making Money with your 99¢ Kindle Books by Kristen Eckstein
. How to Write and Publish your Book on Amazon and on Kindle by Eldes Saullo
. How to Write a Kindle Book that People Want to Buy before Breakfast by James Bedford

Use your main keyword in your title. Use a combination of two or three keywords. Don’t string together a series of two or three keyword phrases in your title. It doesn’t make sense.

Instead, write a short title. Follow it up with an awesome subtitle that tells readers a little more about the subject matter of your book. Once again, keep the subtitle short. Less than ten words are best. Include your most relevant keywords in your title and subtitle. Place your other search terms where they belong – in your book tags, and in your description.

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